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Communication is central to all meaningful collaboration and teamwork in Organization, that keeps a whole organization moving. There are different ways we can communicate such as written communication, verbal communication, non-verbal communication and visual communication. It is important that whatever type of communication we choose, the information needs to be conveyed effectively.

In order to be successful in business, it is important to know about communication styles, communication media/ channels and how they are influenced by culture and language.



1. Achieving Your Goals

  • Defining and understanding what effective communication is
  • Why do we need effective communication?
  • Setting out what your communication goals are
  • How behaviour can be changed towards the object of communication

2. Communication Channel

3. Analysing Communication and Communication Styles

  • Patterns and characteristics of different communication styles
  • Communication at work
  • How to communicate under stress

4. How do You Determine other People’s Communication Style?

  • Identifying the communication style of others
  • What traits do they have when they communicate?
  • How knowledge of these characteristics can help you communicate more effectively
  • What communication style do you use and how can you channel it?

5. How do People from other Cultures Communicate?

  • Categorisation of people from different cultures and countries
  • Do different countries and cultures display similar characteristics when communicating?
  • Use of this categorisation to communicate more effectively

6. Language Aspects

  • Throughout the course particular attention will be made to the key terms and linguistic nuances used to communicate in English.
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Topik Training : Online Training – Effective Communication in English Through Various Channel
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