ABOUT US - Patrari Jaya Consultant



is a company which takes place in the service department , is  one of the departments which is consultancy and increases the human Resources quality of the company / institute / organization including the mining , Industry , Government Institute and Private or other organization.

This Institute was built by the young experienced generation in the human resources utility which also wants to participate creating the human resources quality and has ability to show its best achievement.

Our service includes the activities which are connected with  job requirements, job career development, re-organization, employee affairs system and proceedure, job description, training requirement analysis and the information system.

In the training field, we are able to do various vocational training for  what the company/institute/organization needs according to public or in- house in the same manner as the annual program which we offer.

We are sure our institute is able to reach the best achievement. It’s because we are supported by the experts who are very experienced in their field both  theoretically and practically. We also have cooperation with the staff instructors from all over the educational institutions in Yogyakarta or in other cities.

As an institution which has paid attention to the science and technology development we have vision and mission.


“To be a certain quality training provider, reliable and the best.”


  • To build the solid and professional institute
  • To do the innovation which follows science and technology development.
  • To give efficient and high quality service.