Online Training – Analysis Pareto



  • Describe the history of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain what is the Pareto Principle
  • Explain vital few and trivial many principle
  • List the uses of Pareto Principle
  • List the applications of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain Pareto Charts
  • List the uses of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain the process of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain when to use a Pareto Chart
  • Explain the Phases of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain Pareto Frequency Diagram and explain the steps for Boosting Productivity



  • Definition Pareto Analysis
  • History of Pareto Analysis
  • How to do a Pareto Analysis: Identify & List Problems, Identify the Root Cause of each Problem, Score Problem, Group Problem Together by Root Cause, add up the score for each Group, Take Action
  • What is the Pareto Principle
  • Uses of Pareto Principle
  • Vital Few and Trivial Many Principle
  • Applications of Pareto Analysis
  • Explain Pareto Charts
  • Process of Pareto Analysis
  • to Use a Pareto Chart
  • Phases of Pareto Analysis
  • Pareto Frequency Diagram
  • Steps for Boosting Productivity
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Topik Training : Online Training – Analysis Pareto
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