Word Expert 2016: Creating Documents for Effective Communication Exam 77-726

Jadwal Pelatihan Word Expert 2016: Creating Documents for Effective Communication Exam 77-726:


Objective Domains

  • Manage Documents and Templates
  • Modify Existing Templates
  • Copy Custom Styles, Macros, and Building Blocks To Other Documents or Templates
  • Manage Document Versions
  • Compare and Combine Multiple Documents
  • Link To External Document Content
  • Enable Macros In A Document
  • Display Hidden Ribbon Tabs
  • Change The Application Default Font
  • Prepare Documents For Review
  • Restrict Editing
  • Mark A Document As Final
  • Protect A Document With A Password
  • Manage Document Changes
  • Track Changes
  • Manage Tracked Changes
  • Lock or Unlock Tracking
  • Add Comment
  • Manage Comments

Design Advanced Documents

  • Perform Advanced Editing and Formatting
  • Find and Replace Text By Using Wildcards and Special Characters
  • Find and Replace Formatting and Styles
  • Set Advanced Page Setup Layout Options
  • Link Text Boxes
  • Set Paragraph Pagination Options
  • Resolve Style Conflicts By Using Paste Options
  • Create Styles
  • Create Paragraph and Character Styles
  • Modify Existing Styles

Create Advanced References

  • Create and Manage Indexes
  • Mark Index Entries
  • Create Indexes
  • Update Indexes
  • Create and Manage References
  • Customize A Table of Contents
  • Insert and Modify Captions
  • Create and Modify A Table of Figures
  • Manage Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Operations
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Modify Field Properties
  • Perform Mail Merges
  • Manage Recipient Lists
  • Insert Merged Fields
  • Preview Merge Results

Create Custom Word Elements

  • Create and Modify Building Blocks, Macros, and Controls
  • Create QuickParts
  • Manage Building Blocks
  • Create and Modify Simple Macros
  • Insert and Configure Content Controls
  • Create Custom Style Sets and Templates
  • Create Custom Color Sets
  • Create Custom Font Sets
  • Create Custom Themes
  • Create Custom Style Sets
  • Prepare A Document For Internationalization and Accessibility
  • Configure Language Options In Documents
  • Add Alt-Text To Document Elements
  • Manage Multiple Options For Body and Heading Fonts
  • Utilize Global Content Standards





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