Online Training – Pipe Stress Analysis Using Caesar II



  • To learn the Piping Codes, Standard and Regulations
  • To learn Technical Piping Documentation
  • To learn Piping Design Loads and Be Able to Conduct Stress Analysis
  • To understand the ANSI Piping Codes and ASME Codes
  • To learn Piping Support Analysis & Design
  • To utilize Software Caesar II to Conduct Static and Dynamic Stress Calculation, including Expansion, Bend, Flange and other equipment



1. Basic Theory

  • Basic Stress Theory
  • Piping Systems: Codes, Standards and Regulations
  • Piping Design Loads
  • Pipe Stress Requirement
  • ANSI Piping Codes and ASME Codes
  • Pipe Support Systems

2. Using Caesar II

  • Main Menu
  • Modeling Approach
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamics Analysis
  • Structural and Buried Pipeline
  • Output Processing

3. Piping & Pipeline Materials, Standards and Codes

  • Steel Materials for Piping & Pipeline
  • Metallic Materials for Valves, Flanges and Fittings
  • Piping Manufacturing Methods and Variation of Products
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Related Standards and Codes
  • API 5L Line Pipe Specifications

4. Pipeline Operation Principles

  • Piping & Pipeline Layout, Topography and Configuration
  • Principles of Fluid Flow and Practical Flow Equation
  • Multi-phase and Single-Phase Oil & Gas Transportation/Transmission Practice
  • Pump Operation in Oil and Water Pipeline System
  • Compressor Operation in Gas Pipeline System

5. Pipeline Construction and Installation

  • Choice of Design Procedure
  • Stress Computation Methods in Design and Construction
  • Pipeline Concrete Coating Parameters
  • Hydrostatic Testing Requirements
  • Construction/Installation Material Requirements

6. Pipeline Maintenance and Pigging Operation

  • Potential Operating Problems and Maintenance of Pipeline Systems
  • Inspection Techniques for Potential Failures and Wall Thickness & MAWP Reduction
  • Pipeline Cleaning and Pigging Operations
  • Pipeline Internal Maintenance and Chemical Injection
  • Pipeline External Maintenance and the Cathodic Protection
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Topik Training : Online Training – Pipe Stress Analysis Using Caesar II
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