Root Cause Analysis Training for Team Members


  • Describe the concepts behind Root Cause Analysis thinking
  • Describe why most traditional problem solving approaches do not work effectively
  • Demonstrate a paradigm shift in their thinking about problem solving and failure analysis
  • Demonstrate the skills to solve problems effectively using Root Cause Analysis principles



1. Introduction: Why most Traditional Problem Solving Processes Fail

  • Stopping Too Soon
  • The “Blame Game”
  • The Root Cause Myth
  • The Illusion Of Common Sense and One Reality
  • Failure To Think “Outside The Box”
  • Categorical Thinking
  • Story Telling

2. Defining the Problem

  • What is a “failure”?
  • Recurring, Chronic Problem, or one-off Catastrophic Failure?
  • Specifying Required Performance -“want” vs “can” vs “did”
  • Variability in Processes and Parts -when has a failure occurred?
  • Focus on Business Consequences

3. Preserving and Collecting Data

  • Treat the Scene like a Crime Scene: Parts, Position, People Documents, Electronic Records
  • Conducting Interviews

4. Minimising Further Consequences

  • What Can be Done to Overcome the Immediate Consequences of Failure?
  • Could This Occur Again While the Investigation is Being Conducted?
  • What Can We do to Minimise Further Consequences?

5. Arranging the Analysis Team

  • When is a Team based Analysis Appropriate?
  • Who should be Involved?

6. Analysing the Data

  • Cause-effect Principles
  • Physical Root Causes
  • Human Root Causes
  • System (Latent) Root Causes
  • Searching for Patterns and Comparisons
  • Brainstorm for Causes
  • Preparing a Cause-Effect Diagram

7. Verifying Hypotheses and Validating  Causes

  • Run Charts
  • Additional Data Requirements

8. Developing Solutions

  • Brainstorm For Solutions
  • Solution Guidelines
  • Solution Killers
  • Validating Against the Cause-Effect Diagram

9. Selecting Recommended Solution

  • Assessing Alternatives

10. Communicating Findings and Recommendations

  • Developing a Report
  • Developing a Presentation: Agenda, Content, Presentation Skills

11. Implementing Outcomes

  • Obtaining Approvals
  • Tracking Implementation Progress
  • Getting Proactive Work Done in a Reactive Maintenance Environment

12. Tracking for Results

  • Developing and Implementing Tracking Metrics

13. Institutionalising the Process

  • Training
  • When to Perform an Analysis
  • Tracking Implementation Compliance





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Topik Training : Root Cause Analysis Training for Team Members
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