Online Training – Process Control and Instrumentation



  • Latest technological advances in process monitoring, control and automation.
  • Understanding of control systems in the plant
  • Improve plant productivity



1. Introduction to Instrumentation

  • Fundamentals of Process Control
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

2. Basic Instrumentation Symbols

  • Basic Instrumentation Electricity
  • Temperature

3. Temperature, Heat and Energy

4. Thermal Expansion Thermometers

5. Electrical Thermometers

6. Units and Temperature Standards

7. Construction and Operation of Typical Industrial Temperature Instruments

8. Calibration of Temperature Transducers and Transmitters

  • Pressure

9. Pressure Instruments

10. Pressure Measurement Applications

11. Units and Pressure Standards

12. Construction and Operation of Typical Industrial

13. Calibration of Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

  • Level

14. Level Devices

15. Mechanical Instruments

  • Flow

16. Basic Perhitungan Flow

17. Fluid Flow

18. Differential Pressure Flow Meters

19. Units and Flow Standards

20. Construction and Operation of Typical Industrial Flow Instruments

21. Calibration of Flow Transducers and Transmitters

  • Final Elements

22. Control Valves

23. Regulators and Dampers

24. Actuators and Positioners

25. On/Off Control Actions

26. Variable-Speed Drives

27. Electric Powers Controllers

  • Safety Systems

28. Safety Systems

29. Individual Safety Devices

30. Electrical Safety Standards

31. Safety Instrument Systems

  • Deferential Pressure
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Topik Training : Online Training – Process Control and Instrumentation
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