Online Training – Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)



Motor Current Signature Analysis (MSA) is a diagnostic and technique that is used to analyze motors. As a preventative maintenance tool, MCSA can be used to perform a one-time test or periodic testing to track and trend motor performance. MCSA allows for remote, non-intrusive testing of the equipment being monitored.



  1. Asset Management, RBM, CBM and Condition Monitoring for Electrical Drive Systems
  2. Causes and Effects of: Broken Rotor Bars, Abnormal Air-Gap Eccentricity, Shorted Turns in Stator Windings, Shaft/Coupling Misalignment, Stator Core Vibration Characteristics and Problems
  3. Interrelationships between Current and Vibration Monitoring to Detect the Root Cause (RCA) of Problems
  4. Fundamentals on Current Signature Analysis
  5. MCSA Instrumentation
  6. Current Signature Patterns Due to Faults
  7. Reliable Interpretation of Current Spectra
  8. Effect of Motor Design, Load and Drive Train
  9. Prediction of Fault Severity: Reliability and Limitations
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Topik Training : Online Training – Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)
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