Online Training – IMO Level I



The International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation, 1990 (OPRC) calls for the International Maritime Organization, along with the relevant international and regional organizations, oil and shipping industries, to develop a comprehensive training programme in the field of oil pollution preparedness and response including the availability of expertise for the development and implementation of training programs, namely OPRC Level 1, 2, and 3 Training.



  1. Provide participants with skills and knowledge to act as efficient responders
  2. Develop and maintain a credible capability to deal with typical oil pollution emergencies and facilities co-operation and mutual assistance in the event of a a major incident
  3. Ability to safely use offshore and onshore oil spill combat equipment
  4. Ability to choose correct oil spill combat equipment based on regulations and Oil Spill Contigency Planning (OSCP)



  1. Course Opening & Safety Briefing
  2. Introduction to Oil Spill
  3. Oil Spil Properties, Behaviour and Fates
  4. Envirolment Sensitivity Impacts
  5. Development, Recovery, and Configuration of Oil Containment Booms
  6. Deployment and Operations of Various types of Skimmers
  7. Use of Dispersants
  8. Use of Absorbing Materials
  9. Cleaning Maintenance and Storage Equipment
  10. Oil Sampling, Cost Recovery and Documentation
  11. Equipment Familiarization and Dry Dril
  12. Exercise/Wet Drill
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Topik Training : Online Training – IMO Level I
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