All Indonesian residents, including expats who have been living in the country for 6 months or more, have the obligation to obtain BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare BPJS). This BPJS type in Indonesia is independently processed by individuals. And if you are a part of a company—for both local or foreign company you will also get the so called BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Social Security Card). BPJS is provided by the company to protect all of its employees. Apart from BPJS, there are also other types of independent insurance that we can have. This course will learn about Payrol system including BPJS and Tax, that are most important things in business operations, it is crucial to consider the fair distribution of employee’s wages or salaries and other benefits they receive from working in your company.



  • Understand the techniques and best practices in designing payroll systems and improving the efficiency of existing payroll systems.
  • This training will answer how to design policies, controls, and procedures in the payroll sector.
  • Understand how to treat and record accounting related to payroll transactions from aspects of tax regulations, accounting regulations (PSAK) and employment.
  • Understand both mandatory reporting and management needs.
  • Improving the competence of participants in general company financial management.



1. Payroll Management Elements and Systematics

2. Supporting Laws

3. Wage Component

4. Overtime Wage and its Calculation

5. Payroll Management Relationship with BPJS

  • BPJS Health Facts
  • Benefits of BPJS Health
  • BPJS Health Benefits for Employees
  • BPJS Terms

6. Automatic Payroll Management Software with Accurate BPJS Calculations

7. Payroll Tax and Remittance (PPH 21)

8. Payment to Employees

9. Payroll Journal Entries

10. Payroll Related Laws

11. PSAK

12. International Payroll Issues

13. Integrated Payroll Calculation

14. Payroll Management Report

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Topik Training : Online Training – BPJS, Tax and Payroll
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