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Aspen Plus is the leading Chemical Process Simulator Software. This software that will allow the user to build a process model and then simulate it using complex calculations (models, equations, math calculations, regressions, etc). There are many perks in AP, from designing new processes to improving existing ones. This course will show you how to model the most used and common unit operations present in a chemical plant. We will model a small plant including several “basic” unit operations such as: Pump, Reactor, Valve, Heater, Distillation Column, Flash.



  1. Model Basic Chemical Processes
  2. Simulate Basic Industrial Processes
  3. Understand the Concept of Flowsheet and Manipulate it
  4. Set up the Required/Basic Inputs for a Simulation
  5. Choose the Most Adequate Method for Physical Properties Modeling
  6. Be able to Model the Most Important/Used Unit Operations
  7. Modify All Reporting Results in order to Make Analysis
  8. Discussion
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