Implementing Office Hygiene Rules in The Work Place

24 - 26 Juli 2018, Prime Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta


The workers spent most of their time in the office or work-site. Therefore, every potential health hazards found in the workplace can be interfere the worker’s productivity and affect the health of them. Even though in the modern office environment, the risk and health problems are still high, for example by using of computer from ergonomics aspects, installing the luxurious carpets, unproper placing the copy machines. Creating poor indoor air quality.

Good hygiene and sanitation in the office should be maintain, including water resources, waste handling, preparing foods for worker, sanitary facilities, vector control, etc. All discussed based on government regulation (The Decree of Ministry of Health) and best practices. Poor maintenance of all above aspect will result the high Medical attention in the Clinic, spent high medical cost especially when outbreak diseases happen. All of this need management and workers commitment to solve it.



  1. Give an understanding regarding all potential hazards factors in the office and its adverse effect to the worker’s health
  2. Help the participant in developing all programs needed to prevent the diseases regarding the existing factors
  3. Suggest to Management to develop any policy and procedure as prevention guidelines



1. Office Hygiene

  • Background Office Hygiene
  • Related rules and regulation
  • Objectives of the program Office Hygiene
  • Organization and responsibilities

2. Potential Health Hazards and Health Aspects

  • Identification of All Potential Health Hazards (such as water supply, indoor air quality, temperature and humidity, dust, air circulation, microbiology, waste handling, illumination, noise, vibration, radiation, vector control programs, workplace lay out design and sanitation, etc)
  • Food Safety Program
  • Office Ergonomics and the usage of Office Copying Machine
  • Identification of major sources of Indoor Air Contaminants and its adverse of health effect & what programs to control them

3. Audit and Review

  • Developing Checklist for Conducting Office Environment Inspection
  • How to Review The Existing Program to Avoid Health Effect



Managers, Designers, Safety Specialists and All Those Who Concerned With The Safe and Efficient Performance of Controlling of Potentially Hazardous, Such as HRD Manager, HSE Officer, Doctor and Occupational Health Nurses, General Services, any other Who Interest.





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Topik Training : Implementing Office Hygiene Rules in The Work Place
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