Advanced Credit Administration

June 25, 2024

Advanced Credit Administration

Jadwal Pelatihan Advanced Credit Administration

09 - 10 Juli 2024Loman Park HotelYogyakarta


The participant will learn make a good road map to build and manage an effective credit administration area of the bank and to satisfy regulators’ requirement to operating a safe and sound bank from a credit risk perspective.



1. Well Defined Credit Culture Established and Supported

  • An Effective Loan Policy

2. Highly Effective Risk Assessment and Credit Underwriting System

  • Choosing the right personnel to be Credit Analysts, Lenders or Loan Administrators
  • Knowing  how to balance Risk and Rewards through proper credit, ratio and cash flow analysis
  • Knowing how to report risk assessment by writing effective credit memoranda

3. Highly Effective Credit Committee

  • Considers all pertinent information
  • Allows members to express their opinion “freely”
  • Records Minutes that matter

4. Utilize Credit Risk Rating To Identify Risk In The Loan Portfolio

  • Clearly defining credit grades and applying them to various types of borrowers
  • Utilizing a clear, objective and measurable loan grading system

5. Loan Documentation Procedures That Will

  • Identify the Borrower’s legal structure
  • Identify, value and properly classify the collateral (emphasizing appraisal reviews)
  • Evidence the debt outstanding
  • Attach the bank’s security interest in the collateral
  • Perfect the bank’s lien position in the collateral

6. Effective Loan Portfolio Management

  • Defining the expectations of loan officers in the management of their loan portfolio
  • Using Loan Agreements, Covenant Compliance Reports and other monitoring tools to manage the loan portfolio
  • Adopting prudent commercial real estate loan workout strategies for problem loans

7. Calculating and Maintaining an Adequate Allowance for Loans and Lease Losses

  • Reviewing and Documenting the methodology





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