Online Training – Port Management Loading Unloading



1. Bulk Carrier

  • Characteristic Of Bulk Carrier
  • Cargo Hold Layout
  • Structural and Configuration
  • The Dimention
  • Reading Ship Particulars
  • Safety: Bending and Shearing Moment, Stability, Loading Safety
  • Operations and Management
  • Ship Shore and Cargo Compatibility

2. Legal Aspects Relate to Bulk Cargo: BLU CODE, IMSBS, IMO SOLAS, etc

3. Terminal Operation

  • Types of Terminal: Bulk Solid, Liquid, Containers etc, Terminal Umum, Terminal Khusus, Terminal untuk Kepentingan Sendiri
  • Peraturan Kepelabuhan
  • Terminal Representative
  • Ship Terminal Compatibility
  • Preparation to Receive The Vessel
  • Arrival Procedures, Communications, Clearance
  • Proses Penyandaran
  • Flowchart of Shipment
  • Shipshore Checklist

4. Cargo Handling and Documentation

  • Stowage Plan
  • Pre Loading Inspection
  • Cargo Safety Handling
  • Cargo Distribution
  • Trimming
  • Damage Avoidance
  • Ship’s Stresses
  • Hogging Saggling: Ballast Operation
  • Shipping Cargo Documents
  • Laytime Calculation, Demurrage, Dispatch, Deadfreight

5. Cargo Calculation

  • Basic Knowledge/Introduction to Draught Survey
  • Initial, Final & Intermediate Survey
  • Final Cargo Calculation

6. Other as Requested by Client

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Topik Training : Online Training – Port Management Loading Unloading
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