Online Training – Port Facility Security Officer


This course is designed to meet the requirements for training laid out in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and the guidance laid out in the SOLAS Regulations 1974. The Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) position was formalised under the regulations listed above and the training has become mandatory fora ll those wishing to fulfil the role of the Port Facility Security Officer at facilities servicing vessels involved in international transits.



1. ISPS Code

  • Objective of ISPS Code
  • Function Requirements
  • Scope and Applications
  • Port Facilities
  • Security Assessment

2. Maritime Security

  • Process Overview
  • Security Levels
  • Contracting Governments

3. Responsibilities of Contacting Governments

  • Port Security Assessments
  • International Requirements
  • Verification of Compliance for Port Facilities

4. Port Facility Responsibilities

  • Port Facility
  • International Requirements
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • PSFA & PSFP Process
  • Port Facility Security Assessments
  • Port Facility Security Plans
  • Training and Drills
  • Security Records
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Declaration of Security
  • Guidance for Performing Port and Port Facility Security
  • Assessments
  • Example Port Facility Security Plan
  • Inspection Check List

5. Ship Security

  • Obligations of the Company
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Ship Security Plan
  • Company Security Officer
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Video Simulation: Training, Drills and Exercises on Ship Security

6. Discussion

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Topik Training : Online Training – Port Facility Security Officer
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