Online Training – Medium Voltage Switchgear and Power Circuit Breaker



After this course participants are expected to understand and operate Medium Voltage Switchgear. In addition, participants can understand the work system and process protection from MV SWGR. Protection includes short circuit interference, faunt to the ground, over voltage/current and etc.



  1. Introduction of Switchgear and Control Application
  2. Calculating of Short Circuit Current
  3. Dimension of Switchgear Installation
  4. Protection for People and Equipment
  5. Substation Engineering Methode
  6. Low and Medium Voltage Installation
  7. Medium Voltage Switchgear Apparatus
  8. Protection and Control
  9. Overcurrent Protection
  10. Earth Fault Protection
  11. Undervoltage Protection
  12. Ancillary Plant
  13. Integral RTU Providing DNP3 and Modbus Protocols as Standard Combined with Our Ability to Provide and Engineer Other Protocols on Request
  14. Troubleshot and Maintenance
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Topik Training : Online Training – Medium Voltage Switchgear and Power Circuit Breaker
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