Online Training – High Voltage Power Transmission Operation and Maintenance

July 8, 2022
Online Training – High Voltage Power Transmission Operation and Maintenance

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – High Voltage Power Transmission Operation and Maintenance

20 - 22 Agustus 2022--



The electricity companies have to supply electricity to the consumers at the lowest possible cost commensurate with safety. Power cables and overhead lines represent a major capital asset for electricity suppliers. While in service power cables must be maintained and monitored in order to anticipate faults and possibly avert any failure.

Electricity is transmitted at high voltages (110 kV or above) to reduce the energy lost in long-distance transmission. Power is usually transmitted through overhead power lines. Underground power transmission has a significantly higher cost and greater operational limitations but is sometimes used in urban areas or sensitive locations. A key limitation in the distribution of electric power is that, with minor exceptions, electrical energy cannot be stored, and therefore must be generated as needed. A sophisticated control system is required to ensure electric generation very closely matches the demand.

This course is designed to ensure that those responsible for the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance and monitoring of overhead lines understand the characteristics, technical issues involved and comply with relevant specifications and requirements.



At the completion of the course participants are expected to have gained knowledge and experience on selection, installation, operation, maintenance, construction, patrolling and monitoring of overhead line



1. Introduction of Overhead Conductors

  • Power System Overview
  • Electric-Power Transmission
  • Overhead Line Foundations and Specification
  • Overview of Overhead Transmission and Distribution Line Network
  • Overhead Lines versus Underground Cable
  • Substation Types
  • Substation Function

2. Overhead Transmission Lines Theory and Design

  • Overhead Lines Resistance, Inductance and Stray Capacitance
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design of Overhead Transmission Line
  • Classification of Overhead Power Transmission Lines by Operating Voltage
  • Bundle Conductors and Skin Effect
  • Ground Wires
  • Single and Double Circuit Lines
  • Corona Theory, Corona Effects on Transmission Lines and Methods to Reduce Corona Effects
  • Choice of Transmission Voltage
  • Conductor and Earth Wire Spacing and Clearances
  • Size Of Lugs
  • Conductor Sizes
  • Arcing Horns
  • Illustrating Two Voltage Level Circuits On The Same Pole

3. Materials of Overhead Conductors

  • Aluminium Conductor Steel-Reinforced Transmission Lines (ACSR)
  • The Difference between ACSR, AAC and AAAC Conductors
  • Insulators of Overhead Transmission Lines (Disc type, Long rod type. Pin type and Post type)
  • Conductor Arrangements for Different ACSR Combinations
  • Comparison of Aluminium and Copper Power Cables for use in Industrial Installations
  • Vibration and Corrosion
  • Environmental Effects

4. Overhead Transmission Line Insulators

  • Overhead Line Insulators Types and Material
  • Other relevant Standards
  • Testing of O.H.T.L. Insulators According to IEC and B.S
  • Condition Monitoring of Overhead Transmission Lines Insulators
  • Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of Overhead Transmission Line Insulators
  • Grading Requirements and String Efficiency
  • Handling Requirements
  • Vandalism
  • Construction of a Polymer Insulators for Overhead Lines
  • Pollution Measurements of HVTL Insulators

5. Poles and Towers of Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Support Structures
  • Types of Supports
  • Steel Lattice Towers
  • Wooden Poles
  • Towers
  • Maximum Sag and Tension with Supports
  • Static VAR Sources (SVS)
  • Transposition Towers and Tension Towers

6. Maintenance of Overhead Transmission Lines

  • Tools and Equipment used in Maintenance of Overhead Line and Explain its Step by Step Procedure
  • Live Line Insulator Washing Procedures for MV and HV Power Lines
    Troubleshoot The Overhead Lines and know how to narrow down The Possible causes or Locations Problems
  • Maintenance of Distribution Overhead Line
  • Regularly Scheduled Inspection, Testing and Servicing of Equipment
  • Fault Repairs
  • Live Line Insulator Washing
  • Insulators Replacement
  • Live-Line Working is The Maintenance of HVTLS

7. Overhead Transmission Line Safety

  • Basic Procedures for Safety during Maintenance
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Temporary Grounding Connection
  • Tower Grounding and Measurement of Earth Resistance
  • Use of Area under Overhead Power Lines
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