Online Training – Asset Management Pillar Reliability (CBM/Condition Based Maintenance)



There is a growing need for maintenance engineers and asset managers who can plan the care of long life, high value assets for availability and performance. Comprehensive asset management consists of four main pillars: asset life cycle, asset condition management, asset reliability, and asset performance monitoring. This course will learn asset management pillar on reliability which related with CBM/Condition Based Maintenance. The main purpose of this pillar is to monitor critical equipment reliability and interference before failures occur. The Condition Based Maintenance is a combination of reliability improvement (through precision maintenance practices), condition monitoring, and root cause failure analysis and provides the best all-round approach to reducing maintenance costs and improving availability.



1. Understanding of Asset Management & Goals of Asset Management

2. Reliability & Risk Management

3. Asset Management Pillars to a Reliability Program

4. CBM – Condition Based Maintenance

  • Potential & Functional Failure (PF & FF)
  • PF Inspection Interval
  • Life Cycle & Normal Wear & Tear

5. Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Techniques

  • Dynamic Effect
  • Particle Effect
  • Chemical & Physical Effect
  • Temperature & Electrical Effect

6. Study Case: Implementation CBM on Power Plant & Outage Management

7. Discussion

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Topik Training : Online Training – Asset Management Pillar Reliability (CBM/Condition Based Maintenance)
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