Online Training – Aspen HYSYS

November 23, 2022
Online Training – Aspen HYSYS

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Aspen HYSYS

13 - 14 Desember 2022--



The BASIC Aspen HYSYS Course will show you how to model and simulate Processes (From Petrochemical, to Ammonia Synthesis and Polymerisation). Analysis of Unit Operation will help you in order to optimise the Chemical Plant. This is helpful for students, teachers, engineers and researchers in the area of R&D and Plant Design/Operation.The course is didactic, with a lot of applied theory and Workshops/Study cases.At the end of the course you will be able to setup a simulation, run it, get results and more important, analysis of the process for further optimisation.



  1. Model basic chemical processes
  2. Simulate basic industrial processes
  3. Understand the concept of Flowsheet and Manipulate it
  4. Set up the required/basic inputs for a Simulation
  5. Choose the most adequate Method for Physical Properties Modeling
  6. Be able to model the most important/used Unit Operations
  7. Modify all reporting results in order to make analysis
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